Buying a new 5G smartphone? Check these 7 Things First

Now no more waiting to get the 5G experience in India too. If you are from India, the time has arrived to get the new 5G handset. Yes, with the recent launch of the 5G network in the 13 cities of India, the demand for the 5G phone is high. Because of this, we are giving you a guide on buying a new 5G smartphone. 

Getting the new phone with 5G services is costly compared to the 4G phones. Besides the price, we need to deal with specific things before getting a new 5G smartphone in our hands.

Things to be Considered while Buying a new 5G Phone

The 5G services make connecting with the super-fast internet experience easy. If you want the latest 5G phone, then let’s configure some of these features on that phone.

Check the No. Of Bands

Checking the no. Of Bands of that smartphone is one of the wishful steps for you. Here you need to check out the whether the phone supports the 5G bands or not. Now India is in the mode of 5G then, and it’s time to get the best 5G phone.

Look for the mmWave and Sub-6Ghz

Another thing to be considered is configuring both mmWave and sub-6Ghz on the phone. All the phone with a 5G chipset is not enough to decide on the 5G phone. So, you need to configure that the chipset and phone are compatible and support mmWave and sub–6Ghz on it.

If the particular phone is packed with the mmWave 5G bands, then that phone’s 5G speed offering will be great. We can experience the best internet speed with these mmWave 5G Bands and sub-6Ghz.

Check for the Battery Capacity of the new 5G Phone

Besides the Good Hardware, the 5G phone also needs heavy power. Here I am talking about the battery capacity of the phone. Compared to the 4G network, the 5G network consumes more power. So, here you need to check out the phone’s battery too.

The 5G phone with better battery capacity and backup will be the best for long hours of internet connection. Typically, nowadays, at 5000mAh, a battery becomes mandatory for smartphones. So, make sure the phone’s battery is optimized and has good capacity to connect you to a 5G Network.

Choose the 5G Phone but not only go for its 5G Network

So, in the name of finding out about the 5G phones, many users don’t take enough consideration on other features. Just like buying the new phone for the unique 5G Experience but ignoring other functions like its features and performance.

Here I mean the users must pay attention to every phone feature while buying. So, you need to find the 5G phones per your requirements, not only for the 5G Network.

Think for the Budget

The budget creates a limitation for you while buying it. If you are willing to accept the new 5G phone, you need to be sure and wise in this case. Not all 5G phones are flagship. Nowadays, 5G phones also come under the budget phones segment.

In India, we can find 5G phones under 15000 too. So, don’t underestimate the budget for 5G Phones. You can also find the best 5G Phones on a lower budget. 

How to Check if your Phone Supports 5G?

Suppose you are not sure whether your phone supports 5G, then you must follow the simple steps. If you are using the premium flagship phones purchased a year back, they may keep the 5G. 

Some previous flagship smartphones like the Galaxy S21 series, Apple iPhone A13 series, Apple iPhone 14 series, ROG Phone 5 or ROG Phone 6, Realme GT Edition, OnePlus 9 or 10 series, etc., support the 5G. These devices are compatible with 5G.

Here’s how to check 5G Support on Your Phone,

Go to the Settings of your phone.

Then move to the Network and Connections.

From there, tap on the Mobile Networks.

Choose the  Network Mode or Type depending upon your smartphone brand.

If the network mode shows the option like 2G/3G/4G/5Gthen your phone supports the 5G network.

So, to enable the 5G network, you can easily allow it there. But to explore the 5G, you need to have a 5G SIM on your phone. For that, you can either buy a 5G SIM or upgrade the previous SIM to 5G easily with the help of a telecom operator.


Getting the new 5G Phone will boost your internet user experience. If you are willing to get the latest 5G phones, then the above steps will help you to get the best 5G phones depending upon your requirements. Here we have mentioned the things to be kept in mind while buying the new 5G phone. Also, we deal with how to check whether your phone supports the 5G network.

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